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Why the Name Breakfast Solution??

What Solution we offer???

Breakfast means you are breaking your fast after certain hours of not eating. Normally the first meal after a lengthy period of sleep, you eat is called the breakfast, regardless of the time.

Experts say that While you are sleeping, your body burns through its store of carbohydrates, so when you wake up it is important feed yourself with good protein and carbohydrates, so that both our mind and body gets enough nourishment.

The first foods that you eat for breaking your fast are not only critical to nourish the body, and also should be easy on the well rested digestive system to be cranked up.

This is where I admire the wisdom of our people who have developed the simple , yet tasty high protein traditional breakfast items be it fermented Idly / Dosas with Urad adding excellent protein or Pongal with moongdal. To make it more interesting and colorful we have variety of Chutneys protein rich coconut / peanuts or fried gram.

Every generation went through a bit of gadget revolution in the kitchen, making our lives much better.
I feel now we are now ready for the next level of comfort with ready to cook items. Our aim is to free Women and Men to pursue their career without the hassle of lengthy Breakfast preparation, while maintaining the goodness of traditional breakfast for the wellness of the entire family.

Request you to join us,  in this mission by supporting us..
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