Know your Millets

Millets are wonderful gift to mankind, they are full of nutrients and anti-oxidants.. that went out of everyday menu probably in the last generation.  When I went to CFTRI Mysore for Millet food technology transfer, Dr.Sakare casually, mentioned that  somewhere rice has become affluent people staple and everyone wanted to reach there leaving all the millets, in the last few decades. I was shocked  and  yet could understood why in my younger days Diabetes was known as rich people disease, because out of necessity many middle and lower class people were consuming lot of millets, in those days, that kept them nourished, keeping diabetes at bay.

So Millets are taking their rightful place slowly now.  From our side we thought let us make our every day living happier and  healthier so we prepare gut friendly (fermentation of  Idly/Dosa batter helps in digestion) millet options.

If you are wondering which one to choose , following is the compilation from various sources the well known benefits of various millets.

Ragi , Bajra and  Jowar are known as major millets and most popular, due to their ease of use straight after harvesting with little bit of cleaning.

Whereas Foxtail, Little, Proso, Kodo and Barnyard Millets have husk covering the seeds , which needs to removed – de-husking process before they can be consumed. These are also known as small millets.

So enjoy millet based recipes and be healthy.. Again here moderation is the key .. If you are having health conditions kindly check with your dietician..

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